Julio Gosdinski

In Loving Memory


Julio's Dream


Director:  April Wright

Producer: Rachael Ponn

Julio's first job at age 16 was at the Merry-Go-Round in Griffith Park, California.  30 years later he still works here, but now he owns it, a gift from the previous owner who had become his father figure.  

Located in Park Center between the Los Angeles Zoo and the Los Feliz park entrance, the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round has been a Los Angleles family attraction for over five generations. Built in 1926 by the Spillman Engineering Company and brought to Griffith Park in 1937, the Merry-Go-Round boasts 68 horses, everyone a jumper. Each horse is finely carved with jewel-encrusted bridles, detailed draped blankets and decorated with sunflowers and lion's heads. A Stinson 165 Military Band Organ, reputed to be the largest band organ accompanying a carousel on the West Coast, plays over 1500 selections of marches and waltz music.


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